Me & My Photographic Intent


 A photograph is a timeless depiction of you, by the photographer

Also, a photograph is truly a moment frozen in time,

and different from a video 

because a video is in motion, pretty much like our real-life 

It could not have been put any better than by one of the world’s most loved photographers.

"A photographer should free the (wo)men of the terror of youth and perfection"

A perfect picture can never be true. Imperfections make life beautiful.

So, if you are waiting for the right moment, the right shape, the right mood,

it may not happen, and the time shall pass.

Everyone may have a different reason for getting photographed.  Yet most have no reason at all.

(a celebration should not need a reason)

.  People see beauty in vulgarity, some see pornography in art, some see voyeurism in portraiture.

So i  shy away from categorising my style of work as Art or Nude or Boudoir or Portraiture.

 Why limit your horizons.

You are most welcome to  explore. with me, the un-explored and see what’s on the other side !

I promise to make it a memorable day for you!

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