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Me & My Photographic Intent 



  My work, is purely a celebration of human form in it's natural beauty.  And I strongly feel that stills in a photograph are the best medium to make them timeless. My work is full of larger than life drama, and devoid of temporary colors and fashion trends. It is a reflection of how I see things in real life, and that is exactly how I try to frame them in my viewfinder. Needless to say, I find no reason to (overtly) edit or post process my work.  I am proud of my Un-edited (UE) and As Shot work, which is what you will see all through this website. Editing is almost absent or bare minimum, and I feel, that this adds a fourth dimensions of life to my photographs. It is very much far away from the false portrayal of beauty and unrealistic perfection. 

It could not have been put any better than by one of the world’s most loved photographers.

"It is the responsibility of the modern photographers to free the

(wo)men of the terror of youth and perfection"


You are most welcome to  explore. with me, the un-explored and see what’s on the other side !

I promise to make it a memorable day for you!

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