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The Proof of a Photograph, is in it's Print. There is truly, nothing like the feel of a print, the smell of a new photograph, and the joy of having something more permanent than a digital life. Hence, I decided to offer prints to those who appreciate my work, and would like to have some of me on their walls (or vaults) The Sizes The prints are offered in a variety of sizes and mediums. The Paper The paper options are carefully chosen, and both the options offered are truly the best paper options in the world for my genre. The Art Paper is a Paper that will last more than a 100 years, and highlights my blacks and details the small nuances and stories usually hidden in my photographs. The Museum Quality Paper is a step up, with 308GSM of 100 Cotton Fibre Paper, making it heavier and giving it the true treatment a photograph deserves as a collectible. Shipping Shipping within India is free, and will be shipped in a hardboard roll. Outside of India shipping will depend upon the location, and prices shall be conveyed accordingly. Returns The are printed to Order, and each and every print is signed by me as a token of appreciation and authenticity. Hence, unfortunately, no returns are possible.

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