Why won't you find Porn here

I as a photographer, strongly believe that a creative must always stick to creating.

What his / her work will be classified as must be left solely to the viewer of the creations.

For example, for a school student, with minimal exposure to life, everything may classify as porn, and at he same time a seasoned, educated, exposed human will find art and beauty 

in almost all creations.

However, as an artist, i would like to stress that my work is free of any social agenda. 

Nor is my work intended to attract a particular audience. I create out of free will and 

i create with people who want to create with me out of their free will. I love the human 

form and how lights and shadows are made when seen through my view finder.

So, heads-up, if you are looking for Porn or anything close to it,

you certainly will not find any here on my my website.