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the vineyard


This was my first time shooting nudes in a car. Actually second, I had just shot her the previous day. 

This evening was unplanned, and I had to rush back 250kms to her phone call, asking if we could shoot again in the evening.  The plan we made was to shoot a bit, get some dinner and head back later.

Post dinner, we walked back to an empty open parking light with flood lights lighting up my car. Then ,,,,

the stolen blacks

I remember a photographer friend calling me, for some location suggestions, where he wanted to shoot portraits of his parents and his partner.

I was also invited to join them to help them find the place. While he was taking portraits of his parents, I noticed that his partner was ready in this look planned by him, and walking around the vast expanse of open area.

She was in her own world, and possibly my friend's assistant was trying to make some frames of her.

I had a 50mm on my D800, and I shot most of these standing by the side, randomly without putting my eye to the viewfinder. I did not want to break her rhythm and these are some frames I made.

Now you know why the title. 

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