My Genre of Work & Interest

As a photographer, I am creating with collaborators in various ways. But no matter, with whom I create, and how I create, the Genre essentially always remains the same,

I am only creating work under the Fine Art, Boudoir, Implied and Nudes Genre.

The other genres like Fashion, Commercial Catalogues etc, do not interest me,

So you are kindly requested not to engage me for any genre other than those of my interest.

Various Possibilities to Create with Me

Commission Me 

Here you are the Client, and also the Owner of the Photographs we create. It could be an individual or a couple, wanting to create memories for self, or for loved ones. I do not use any of these pictures on any of my social/ print etc mediums


Here we mutually agree to create a body of work of mutual interest for our own benefits. Ownership of the Pictures remains with me, but you are allowed to use these Photographs for your social media, portfolio promotions, or on patreon and other such commercial avenues, etc with due credits to me. Currently I do my personal work only with friends

Paid Shoots : I Pay You

Here, I approach professionals, or professionals approach me, for paid shoots. I would pay them, based on my interest to create with them. I create such work to be able to use these pictures on my Patreon  Page, Exhibitions, and all commercial or non-commercial and social opportunities that are available from time to time. I will have complete ownership of these works to share, publish, reproduce in any format that seems fit to me. The collaborators must obtain my written consent to use these images in any form. Work created under this section maybe shared by me with the collaborators purely for their own viewing.