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Want to Commission me for a Shoot ? Here are some of your Questions Answered:

1.0 Why me?

I am a photographer with not only fantastic experience in shooting dramatic beautiful pictures, but more importantly, also one with a very good social soft skill set. Almost all reviews from my Clients as well as Collaborators, with whom I've worked, for commercial or personal work, mention that I am a "Fun Person" to work with. Most people are looking at such shoots for the first time, and have little or no idea of what they expect from the shoot in terms of styling, pictures, mood, location etc etc. I will not only ensure your comfort, but also at the same time ensure that you are provided with almost every bit of assistance to ensure that we create really beautiful and memorable pictures.  I will be your one-stop guide for everything you will need from this Shoot. Now lets answer some of your questions in detail. 

2.0 What do I shoot ?

I am mostly commissioned either by individuals or couples to shoot Intimate Private Pictures. These could be a gift or surprise for your loved one or to create memories of a stage of life you are in, or just for the fucking kicks. The shoots are broadly generalised as Boudoir, semi-nudes, and nudes and the theme and the pictures are completely based on the subjects comfort. It could include just a single subject or more based on what you want, so boudoir, couple shoots etc are some of the themes. Most of my clients are First Timers, so I take special care to prepare them for the special day. Pre-shoot discussions regarding styling, location, grooming, posing are all discussed with me in detail, to ensure that they are not only completely at home on shoot day, but in-fact are able to enjoy the special day thoroughly to remember it for a life time.

3.0 Estimates

My commissions would mostly depend on what needs to be done pre-shoot, during the shoot and post-shoot. I will require a Pre Booking Consultation Fee, A Booking Fee as mentioned earlier , once you have decided that I am the one you want to shoot with. Planning for the shoot will commence only after receipt of this advance.  I do not meet my clients prior to the shoot, and all the planning and discussions are online. 

4.0 Who is a 

4.1 Client: The Person(s) commissioning the assignment. This will essentially include the People paying for the assignment, and also anyone of signatories of the Confidentiality Agreement as Clients. 

4.2 Co- Collaborator: The people who are working as a service provider in addition to me on this assignment. They will include assistants, make-up artists, stylists if any etc.

4.1.1 Discretion

    Almost all of my commercial work, are for a Client's personal use, and for use in a way they find it fit. A Clients pictures are never            shared by me with anyone other than the Client itself. The pictures on my web-site, and other social media pages are of my personal      work. Non of my commercial work is shared in any media. Clients will receive a signed Confidentiality Agreement to that effect.

4.1.2. Privacy

    I usually work alone on my assignments. I plan pre-shoot, shoot and post-process all by my-self. Hence people involved with the 

    assignments are almost always just me and my clients. Hence the Privacy is very well taken care of. The assignment may include Co-        Collaborators, if requested by the Client. These Co-Collaborators if suggested by me are not allowed to take any pictures of the 

    Clients during the shoot for any purpose. Clients may share their personal pictures with the Co-Collaborators after evaluating the

    requirements only.

5.0. What to Expect from a Boudoir Shoot

    A Boudoir Shoot would be a mix of pictures in lingerie, implied nudes, semi-nudes, and nudes. These are of-course completely based

    upon the Client's brief on the assignment and also the Client's comfort level on the day of the shoot.

6.0. What do you need for the shoot

    6.1. Consent of all participating Clients. All participants will have to sign the confidentiality agreement, which basically also confirms 

          the consent of each of the participants that he or she is participating out of free will.

    6.2. Location: We can use one of your choice, or I can help you look for one

    6.3. Make-Up and Hair Artist: Optional, you can have one of your own, or I can help you find one.

    6.4. Styling: Clothes can be your own, or I can help you plan some looks we need to do, and plan some clothes that we need.

7.0. Book Your Consultation Here for more information/ discussions :

Ash Signature Shoot

I am  a legally Adult  Age, and not a minor. 

Will revert ASAP !!

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