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A Shocking Nude

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

My journey into Portraits started about 4 years ago. My own exposure to Art was very minimal, and this was just a Photography adventure for me. I would get my kicks just from being able to shoot with complete strangers. As I started

shooting more often, I discovered the genre of boudoir and nudes along-with some of my muses. We were all new to it, and we were just experimenting with the genre, again there was no intention or education to create art, but neither was it ever a sexual exercise. There were no sexual undercurrents. We were just like small kids who had discovered partners to play our games with, games of pure photography. Initial pictures we created we really wanting for light, composition, and matter. But the encouraging part was that we all agreed that what we were creating with even no knowledge about it, was very beautiful, and not cringey. I then started looking up more works of artists in form of sculptures, painting and of-course photographers.

Some of my discoveries were shocking even to me, pictures with full blown pubic hair, genital display, in the crudest form, were shocking to me. I would often question the very reason for such creations. The questions would often be relating to the reason for such creations, the idea behind, never the intent. But as I started to discover more, and more work, I also started discovering the history of art, and it's purpose in times of limited access to education, and exposure to material. Also, the more i saw these images, the less shocking they became to me over a period of time. My mind started to sub-consciously normalise these creations, and started to see beyond just the body parts, I started noticing the finer points of the creation.

So I do feel, that constant exposure to a variety of work, will help people normalise their processing of shocking creations, and in the same process maybe become appreciative of the beauty of various works, and in the process also appreciate human form beyond just viewing them as sexual, sensual or erotic, but as a healthy mixture of it all and more. Though I understand, that not everyone maybe able to create, I still truly live in hope that almost everyone has a chance to go through the journey that I went through,

and are able to appreciate and celebrate the explosion of creation that is happening around us.

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