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Anatomy of a Nude

Satellite Television, then Social Media and now OTT. The time difference is only the symbolic Hr/ Mins / Secs that you see on your watch. Everyone in the World is watching the same content at the same time. The only difference still is how we react to it. Culture, Upbringing, Social Standards, Peer Pressure decide how we react to what.

That brings me to how we react to Nudes (will address only photography). We as a country react to it in many interesting ways, which as I earlier said clearly reflects on our environment. 98% (again now sticking to social media sampling plan) of the people have only grown up physically, and mentally are still trying to reach some sort of puberty, they will pass comments that will cut short their stay, send dm advances and kill all their chances before the first ball is bowled, some who will want to make "art" whereas they still have to get their own profile a DP (Decent Picture) or a Post. But yes, these are far too many to be changed to be educated, and we must leave somethings to the almighty, or hope for miracles. So, let us not waste time on figuring how to fix this bunch

Amongst all these is a growing tribe, which first reacts to these pictures with shock and questions like WHY?, then as time passes, the shock value has worn off, they start seeing the beauty of a bare human form, they soon start thinking how can I be a part of this.

While, the how can I be a part of this, has to be handled by the individual himself/ herself, I would likr to throw some light on the WHY. Also, I do not claim to be a learned scholar on this topic, nor do I want to sound all preachy. I am just putting forward what I've learnt from my interactions with my dozens of muses, hundreds of those who want to be a part of this.

to be cont whenever i feel like :)

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