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Boundaries and Rules: The Difference

for me rules are for photography, and boundaries are for shooting. Rules are established over a period of time, to help people frame better, shoot better, understanding how to draw attention to a photograph and the subject etc. while they follow a common sense of things, it is important not to get to busy with following these rules. rules for me are meant to be broken. to break something of-course you need to know what a rule is ::

boundaries: when ever i am shooting, especially new people, i first ask them to see my work on various platforms so that they will get a fair idea of my work style, mood, and aesthetic. it is only when they are ok with being shot in that broadly do i move forward for establishing boundaries. not everything that is shot by me makes it to the platforms, i want to keep some for my book and maybe for exhibitions etc too. hence they may not be able to see some of my work. hence it is important to establish boundaries with each of them. boundaries as in their comfort zones, levels of nudity they are willing to explore and so many other things. even when these are discussed before a shoot, i am flexible to let them decide how far they want to go, on the shoot day, which depends on their zone that day, comfort with me and other collaborators etc etc. there is no way that i would insist on something that they would not be comfortable in. but i do create an atmosphere to make everyone feel safe, comfortable and which has ended up them pushing their won established boundaries on their own without any pushing from my end.

But yes i also make it clear that, all this is only before and during the shoot. Once we have shot and created something, it is with an understanding that everything will be used in a way i find fit. There is no do not use these photographs and other excuses over something that has been created painstakingly. Once shot it is a lifetime photograph.

so basically rules are to be broken and boundaries to be respected and explored :)

happy creating


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