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There have been a number of requests by patrons to share my shoot process through BTS videos etc. There were two challenges on this, or three maybe. First was I always shoot alone, I use no assistants who would shoot the bts videos like for other photographers. Second was I was not very keen on doing videos myself, as I was not sure of how they would turn out and also my gear was video unfriendly ( to me), and third most important was that videos did not excite me as much as stills and it is already a lot of pictures for me to make additional videos.

But all this has changed in the past few months. I bought additional gear, which was friendly for stills and video. Also, when that happened I also realised that i need not shoot my bts in the traditional way. I could do it myself which i thought would provide my patrons the exact view of how i saw my muses through my view finder !

So i started making some videos. I let my muses know that I would randomly make videos while shooting, and to keep it candid and real I would not tell them when is a video and when a still. This makes it a lot of fun.

Next challenge was to make these videos good quality and right size to be able to share them. Patreon does not allow posting videos directly, so I am linking it to my website. The ETH members will have access to these videos. Hope to have a few up soon, have started with a safe one today. Will add more next week.

Here is the link,

Hope you enjoy

Br Ash

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