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Collaborations Misunderstood

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

The word collaboration means two entities getting together to exploit each other's strengths to create something mutually beneficial. Traditionally Indian Companies would collaborate with International Companies of repute to get access to their technology, while the international entity would get access to our workforce resource etc. In cases where the barter was not equal, one entity would compensate the other by payment in form of royalty or other modes. In benefits must be equal.

This word is now more popular because of platforms like instagram, where artists like photographers and models, or singer and musicians are finding each other to create or promote a body of work for self and each other.

While collaborations are truly a boon to the creative industry, we must be careful in assuming that it is a foregone conclusion, or right or privilege. Most times, people complain of pushy artists who would not take no for an answer, and to the extent of saying, you collaborated with xyzee and why not with me. It is hence very important to understand the meaning of this word and the basis of collaborations. Which I ve tired to spell earlier. It requires that both parties benefit from it in one form or the other. Else it is not a collaboration, it constitutes to be a favour. And then again favours are for friends and family and not for random people.

So the only way to attract strong collaborations, is to strengthen your own body of work. The body of work itself is the sole selling point of an artist, as it not only indicates the style of an artist, it also throws light on the future potential of an artist.

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