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How to Approach Models / Can I assist you / Etc

During course of discussion with many photographers, professionals and hobbyists, there are two common

questions that come up for me, so many times that I felt it merited a detailed scribble. However, please

appreciate that this is only my point of view, something that has worked for me in a short span of time. In fact this whole website is just my point of view, and in no way suggestive how one should create or what

one should create etc. etc.

Question 1:

Where are you from, and can I assist you

Firstly, I must declare once again, that I am not a professional photographer. Meaning it is definitely not my

full-time job. It started as something I ve been passionate about, and now I also selectively (very selectively) undertake commissions that interest me.

So, I have no fixed region of operation, I create where ever I travel for my full-time work. I am mostly in Mumbai & Pune. Also, I am shooting very very sparsely, sometimes once a month, sometimes twice a month. And in addition to that my shoot style is very minimalistic So there is really no scope for an assistant in my shoots.

Question/ Statement 2:

How to find models, It is very difficult to find models for boudoir genre.

This is actually a non-issue. It is like finding people for any genre. So say you want to shoot fashion, or portraits. You approach people on Instagram or Facebook or on Email etc etc, and request if they would like to work with you. If they are looking to create as well, the first thing, after some small talk, is that they will view your social profile to see your style of work. Once they see and like your work they will probably revert to you with a yes. Simple Right???!!!

However, read all of it again ...

it starts with identifying the correct person to approach. approach someone who is geographically close to you, is posting work close to your style of work, and choose someone of your own equal standing.

chances of getting a reply are much better if you consider the above, before dashing of random messages / requests to all and sundry.

once you get a reply, starts the small talk. this small talk will make or break you especially in this genre of

photography. people will first try to see if they like you, if they can trust you, if they can get along-with you to be able to create something in this genre. most creators fail in this stage itself. many are guilty of being presumptuous, impatient, pushy, and even rude or creepy without realising that the points for being a good person matter much more in this genre than your work. You may have brilliant work, but if you do not come across as a likeable person, not many want to collaborate. be your true self, don't pretend. strangers can see through you. it is only the ones who are in love with you, who can't see your evils ;)

now once you are past this stage comes the work stage. they will look at your work, just like you looked up theirs. if they like what you are creating (posts on social media or email shares), they may consider working with you. such shoots require multiple shoots and everyone takes time to open up.

but but but... i don't think you must expect someone to shoot something with you, if you do not have work that is similar already on you platforms. so before you approach people ensure you have a focused profile just for what you want to create.

if you are new, approach friends to pose for you. else attend workshops where you learn and network. or else try to hire paid models. tell them honestly that you are new and are learning to create some body of work.

So summarising it

1. Create a focused profile displaying your body of work in same/similar genre

2. Approach People who you stand good chance with.

3. Have some ideas ready to discuss

4. Excellent People skills will help you overcome all above shortcomings :)

Good Luck, have fun



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