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Instagram Sucks , so moving to Free Patreon

So i am trying to be less and less on Instagram and more on my other tolerant platforms. Instahram as a platform does not give me any joy in terms of new followers, who are mostly bots or stalkers, who I end up blocking. The reach is poor and so is the engagement. Anyway I have deleted the instagram app on my phone for a week 😂 ( will go back just to engage with prospective collaborators for creating)

I am moving my regular posts to FREE PATREON , and patrons have option to subscribe, for as low as USD2, for the uncensored member posts. Patreon also does not allow nudity on free public posts. The idea is to have all posts censored and uncensored on one platform and you can decide when to opt for a subscription and when to opt out.

The more elaborate posts ofcourse will continue to be on the website here, with a 1 year access option to the ETH subscribers on Patreon and other modes of donation.



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