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Lights, Strobes & More

I started weirdly. The day i decided to shoot people about 5 years ago, was also the day I decided i needed lights for it. So went to amazon and bought myself a five bulb light fixture which took led bulbs. I quickly realised my stupidity and immediately graduated to an Elinchrome System RX200 i think which came in pairs. So I would carry them and lightstands and backdrops and what not in a large cricket bag with wheels. I shot almost always with lights, never with natural light for first few months indoors. How I realised natural light is a story for another day. However, this stupid habit of always using lights also worked as a blessing as I had to work harder to set it up learn lights as I learnt photography and people and all that was together at my most enthusiastic state of things.

Having said that, I realised the importance of portability and travelling light. My current light is a Godox AD400Pro, which serves very well for gloomy days, and for generating crisp images, like the one shared above. I almost always use it without a soft box now.

I have now wanted to go lighter, cos this needs an extra bag for the carry case. However for portability, I like them to have the battery options. So I have been thinking of a AD100Pro, or 1v1, or now even a continuous light source like a ML60 or even a ML30, which can fit in my camera cross body maybe couple with a nano stand. This will allow me to travel with it even outdoor and put it up if required. Let us see what I end up with

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