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"His work is now very monotonous now " is a phrase we hear often from a lot of people, when describing some work by photographers.

What should be your reaction to such a feedback for your creations? There could be many, and are entirely based on ones personality. Some artists are creating to please the galleries, while the other's are trying to do the same eventually but not by being influenced by the feedback.

A strong artists only creates, he does not attempt to influence the world, nor does he get influenced. Indirectly his work will always be aiming at some unknown revolution, but i feel the center stage should always be about creating what you feel strongly about and creating it in a way you feel strongly about. Also, monotony could actually mean consistent style that has been developed, which is a sign of a true master, rather than a confused artist who is still to find his calling.

If you have to draw some comparison of monotonous work, it is best to look up Water Lilies by Claude Monet. This artist created a series of 200 plus paintings in the last 30 years of his life, painting the same garden in his backyard at his home !! Can you imagine what does 30 years mean in any period of history. The more intriguing fact is that he created this garden himself with some help,. by diverting a river, planting these lilies and everything around it. That is a sign of a master.


Claude Monet with his Water Lilies

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