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Stay Connected on Patreon at $1 / month

I have now introduced a $1 tier, which gives you access to all posts on Patreon for the month of subscription. These posts will be archived on 15th of next month. This was earlier a $3 Tier.

So the tiers in brief are

$125 : All Patreon Content plus complimentary web access to all areas on the website for 1 year

$70: All Patreon Content plus conplimenary access to the Platinum area on the website for 6 months

$20: All Patreon Content, no archivals

$1 : All Patreon Posts for the current month.

So the best way to stay connected I feel is to sibscribe to a tier with complimentary web access the first month, and then switch to the $1 tier to stay connected on the Patreon .

I am not posting much on instagram and other platforms much because of intolerance of these platforms for anything remotely beautiful. Prefer to post it all here. Would rather post a photograph here more often without the constant fear of losing an account or post.



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