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The Old is New Patreon and BTS Videos a First

Hi, a lot has happened over the past few days. I had switched to a new Patreon, which was a safe for all account. But now I have gone back to my earlier Patreon, which has almost 2000 images and a dozen writings over the past 3 years on it.

As you guys already know, some of my patreon tiers get you complimentary web access. What it means is when you subscribe to a tier, you are immediately given a year long complimentary access to the member's area. You are then free to continue your Patreonage as a support, even if you decide not to, you will still continue to enjoy a year on the website. * for some tiers you need to be there for minimum 3 months. Please read the clear tier descriptions. So you now have the flexibility to enjoy my work on Patreon as well as on the Web-site. Both are special in their own way.

What else.. this time I made some bts videos of my shoot, over the weekend. The muses were not informed when the switch from stills to videos or vice versa were made. So they did not act for the videos. So it truly represents how I shoot my photographs,

I will be posting it on the ETH Tier on Patreon as well as the Website.

Thank you for your patreonage.

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