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Why Black and White

I discovered photography only after college, before that my exposure to anything related to photography was very limited. I was more exposed to rich culture and music in my growing up years. My first camera was a gift from a cousin and i just took to it like a magnet. It was around this time or maybe a bit earlier I discovered the work of Peter Lindhbergh. He still till date is the only photographer whose work style and ethic inspires me. I feel maybe his work had a deep influence on how I saw things. I never try to imitate anyone, and also since I never went to a photography school or interned for anyone, my work is un-influenced and just purely the self-taught me. Then I took a road trip with my friends to Ladakh, where I discovered the beauty of the Raw Format, and also the fact that I could shoot in Black and White, with the freedom to make them colour later got me hooked to shooting bnw in raw format, and i continue doing so even today. I feel it helps me create new frames when I am shooting, cos the colours the light casts on my pictures is just invisible in my camera and I can just concentrate on my composition.

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