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Why NOT to Assist

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

There is a particular way our education is meant to be, graduate you work for a big company to learn how they work and then you either work there or somewhere else or start own. This is also a pattern many follow in the creative world.

i for one never understand the concept of assisting someone in this age, unless it is purely purely from a networking point of view. When you work for someone, you maybe able to make some contacts fas leads in the future.

But if you actually look at what assisting can do to you in the creative sense, it really seems like a bad idea. When you are just starting off you are always confused as to what you want to do. At this point if you assist someone, the chances that you get sucked into thinking like the person you assist and creating like him and in fact becoming his clone are so high. Look at the history of painters. The paintings made by disciples/ assistants of great painters are considered to be a part of the master painters collection !! That is how similar they were.

It was ok in times when information was available to a few, technology was available to a few. But today you can have access to all this freely, and then discover your own style, your own calling by building on these and that I feel will make you stand out from the crowd, or you’d rather be just be one them.

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