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I am a Photographer by Passion.  So I am open to a lot of Personal work by way of Personal Collaborations, which would essentially mean your TFDP (Time for Digital Photos).If you want to be a part of my beautiful journey, please read these below. If you agree to shoot with me you would need to agree to all of these first.. It is required that you consent for all that has been mentioned here, by way of confirmation button available below.

These are my views and conditions for a personal collaboration, and only these apply for my Personal Collaborations. So please read them before you agree:

What is a Personal Collaboration (PC)

A Personal Collaboration is where two or more artists come together to create a body of work for mutual benefit. Money may or may not exchange hands here directly or in-directly, like someone would pay for location, food, travel, allowance etc etc. If money does exchange hands, the recipient relinquishes the ownership on the body of work created. Collaborators may include Photographer, Make-up Artist, Model, Stylist etc. However the assistants assisting the Collaborators are excluded from any claim on the work. 

If you do not want me use these pictures anywhere, please visit my Commission Ash  page which is for commissioned shoots.

What can you expect from a PC with me

My style of work is evident from the social media/ subscription accounts on Instagram/ Behance/ Website / Facebook/ Patreon etc, where I post my PC work. It is a combination of dramatic portraiture, boudoir and nudes. These are also mostly the only areas of my interest for PC. So please do not approach me for Catalogues/ Conceptual Shoots. It just does not interest me. Also I offer only Photography. Make-up and Styling is expected by the Model by self or to be arranged by you as you seem fit. 

So in a PC with me what you see in these accounts, are what you will get. I usually shoot very briskly and take small breaks for some idea discussions as we shoot. From a typical shoot lasting about 2-3 hrs, you can expect roughly 8-10 images. These images will be edited by me in my own style. My editing style is a mix of cropping and light aesthetic. With skin edits my mantra is less is more. I do not like to re-touch skin too much. I prefer to shoot my shot. Normally I would send you thumbnails of images shortlisted from the our shoot. They could be abut 75-200 images depending on how much we shot. You may chose your favourites for editing. And as a result we may agree upon 10-12 images for you. Besides that I keep revisiting my galleries and editing the pictures at my pace. I normally share these edited images as well on a shared folder with you. You are also most welcome to use Un-Edited (UE) images. I am really proud of my UEs. I normally would prefer you not to edit my images on your own. And editing by any third person is definitely not allowed. 

Along with this consent, I would also require you to inform me how do you want to be credited. With Face, Without Face, or not credited at all. You are also requested to inform me if you want me to post these images anonymously, which would mean I would either Blur/ Pixelate your Face or Crop Face off from Chin/ Nose up, based on aesthetics of the images. In case no such instruction is received with this consent, it would mean I can decide what's best for the image.

Please note that there is no do not post option above, as it does not exist. PC is done for building our Personal Body of Work, so it is important that I be able to use the Pictures as I feel fit on my feed and you as you feel fit, within the guidelines mentioned here. Once you agree to shoot, your Consent to Post everything we shoot, is as much granted, to me, as Consent to Shoot, as the entire premise of this PC is to be able to use it for showing my body of work. 

Also all Collaborators are expected to Credit each other Generously, on their own feed and also on promotional pages where they consent our Photographs to be used. The purpose of Credits is to promote your Collaborator by displaying the names prominently on posts.

1. Ownership of the raw format images remains with me, unless you buy it off from me. You should look-up Ownership of Photographs to understand more.

2. Due to the nature of the content being created Minors as defined by law of the land from time to time, are not eligible to shoot with me, and the onus to prove that      you are not a minor will lie with you.

3. All collaborators are free to use the images available with them in a manner they feel fit including for posting on social media , crowd funding, subscription 

   platforms, portfolios, websites, sale in any media including prints etc.  There will be no claims/ demands for revenue sharing among collaborators. But if a particular     

   collaborator has been paid for this assignment directly or indirectly, they would have to obtain a consent from the owners of the images.

Agreement to above shall be considered a Contract, and it shall also mean that you are allowed to get into such a Contract, are doing so out of your own Free Will, and agree to all of the above without any exceptions. Also, this consent is valid for all future shoots, we do after your agreement to this, unless agreed upon in writing


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