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Terms & Conditions:

1.      Please note this is a Photography related Web-site purely meant for appreciating my style of Photography, learning various styles and techniques and ideas for creating various Photographs. All pictures are meant as Fine Art Work and are purely to depict true beauty of human form and life. Please do not expect any pornographic content in the website. Pornography is available freely in the World Wide Web, and has no place in my website or photography.

2.      Also, all my photographs are with People of Adult Age and are taken and published with their consent only. There is no exploitation of any individual, and all work is a result of free-will only.

3.       Site may contain Mature Artistic Content. You must be a Major and of Legal Age to view the Content on this Website. And the content is for individual viewing in Private Only. It must be viewed by the specific member only, sharing, or passing this for viewership is illegal, and not allowed.

4.      Continuing to view the Website, will mean acceptance of all Terms and Conditions in totality.

5.      The Work created in this website is with consensus of the people in the photographs. Some of them have preferred to remain anonymous, so you shall be required to respect their choice.

6.      The Web-site is meant for Members Viewing only. Download, Screen Shots, Storing, Re-producing, Sharing of any content on this website in any format is not allowed. Violations, may result in loss of your access and viewing privileges.

7.      You must also refrain from viewing this site in a public place or in a private place, in the presence of minors, or in the presence of people who may have objection to viewing the contents of the site/ exhibitions

8.      Ownership of ALL images lies with me, regardless of you being a viewer, a collaborator or a commissioner of the work. You shall be required to obtain my written consent to use these images, and then the images must be restricted to the allowed purposes only.

9.      There is no intention to sell/ display/ or distribute my work, in a manner un-lawful in the eyes of the law. The donations collected are for up-keep of this site and other activities related to creating content, and not as an income to the work already created by me, or to be created in the future. Boudoir Photography

10.  Photography, like sculpting, painting depicted in our ancient cultures is an Art Form. Nudes have been in public display since in our pre-invasion cultures in places like temples etc, for various reasons including education, awareness, normalizing facts of life and also for entertainment. Most of this work was systematically destroyed by various invading powers, to eradicate our science and culture. I would like to contribute in my own small way, to bring back the glory of our lost culture.

Ownership of Images, are with a Photographer, is a well established fact, and also a law.  Kindly abide by these and continue to enjoy my creations. 

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