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1-2-1 with ASH

Spend an afternoon with me & a muse
get to know more of what goes into making my photographs
how I plan my shoot, my look, my locations and my aesthetics
how to communicate with a muse
and also a chance to create some beauti
ful photographs
with me by your side
you can decide to bring in your own partner as a muse as well if that's what you like


This is your opportunity to shoot a muse,  with me along-side you, to interact with me on a 1-2-1 basis, and help you create a solid portfolio, over an afternoon. At this 1-2-1, participation is limited to 1 or at the most 2 people. The Format for the 1-2-1 is as follows:

1. We decide upon a date convenient for this. It depends upon, availability of the model, location etc. Hence I require a firm confirmation at-least 4 weeks in advance. 

2. You are requested to get your camera gear and anything else that you need is necessary for photography. It could be camera bodies, lenses, etc. 

3. We usually be shooting at a Studio or a Hotel or a Location, which is booked by me for us.

4. First 30 minutes, we get to know each other, jam over a cup of coffee and get a sense of what we plan for the day.

5.  Next 30 mins are discussing the gear I use, the gear you have and a plan how to use them effectively. We will also discuss some of my photographs on how they were shot and the story and setup behind some of them. This will give you an idea to make your frames later in the day. I carry a bunch of gear and you will have the ability to not only understand the way I use them, but also shoot some frames with it. I can help you decide your gear settings, we can understand the light for the day and device a strategy to make the best for the day.  The Model and I will also carry a look or two for you. Though the 1-2-1 is not a look shoot, we will put together 2 looks at-least for your shoot. 

6. Next 60 mins are for shooting the model. I will actively help you with communication, directing the model, designing looks, exploiting the location for frames.

7. We take a shoot-break for 45 mins, during this time, we review what you have shot and how we are doing, and also generate new ideas for the next session. Our Muse gets a break from shooting to re-energise.

8. Next 90 mins are for shooting the model, where you will be by yourself shooting the muse, I will guide you only when you call me for ideas. My involvement will be passive, to give you a feeling of shooting independently. Ideally you should shoot in 2-3 (2x45min or 3x30min) sessions, with breaks of 10 mins in between to help the model relax and for you to review your work.

9. For the next 60 mins we discuss how to select images, how to crop them or edit them for light etc. We can also discuss for sharing your work on various platforms etc.

10. End of 1-2-1

Total Approximate Duration for 1-2-1 is 5 hours for a single participant. In case of 2 participants, we will have 6 hours.

11. If time permits, you may the option to shoot the model for an extended period of 1 hour, at a nominal additional fee 

The 1-2-1 Fees will include:

1. Location Charges

2. Model Fees

3. Break Snacks and Coffee

4. Model Consent Form

The 1-2-1 Fees does not include

1. Your Transport and Travel Expenses to reach the location

2. Anything that is not mentioned in inclusions.

3. Location Charges for Stay beyond the 1-2-1 Time

4. Damage to the Location / Gear etc.

Some Basic Rules that are not up for Negotiation:

1. The entire genre of my work operates on trust, respect with my models. The participants are expected to be at their best on this front before the shoot, during the shoot, and post shoot communications.

2. You will show up on the designated time.

3. Most models will request anonymity, or frames that do not show their face etc. This needs to be respected.

4. Location, Gear etc. must be used with respect, any damage to the same will be recovered from your safety deposit. 

5. Model and Exact Location shall be disclosed on the Shoot Day only. Please do not request this information prior to the shoot day. You will have to trust me to make the session very interesting for you. You must remember, it is not about the muse, it is about you and the body of work you intend to create. Abd that is where I am to help you with.  I have a pool of Models from whom I shall choose based on their availability etc. The choice will be entirely mine, and it will be someone I have worked with before. Location will also be decided by me, and shall be interesting for the 1-2-1. I can offer a rebate, if you decide to bring your own model for the 1-2-1. I would like to interact with the model online before the shoot date, so that I can understand her comfort etc. for this session. 

If this interests you, please fill up the small questionnaire in the REQUEST DETAILS button, which will answer some more of your questions, and will help me custom design something just for you. 

if the request details does not work for you, please drop me an email at   subject 1-2-1

 If you are a passionate photographer, and want to create a body of work, but are un-sure as to how to go about it. Or maybe you are already creating in this space, but want to spend an afternoon with me along-side you, setting it all up for you in my style, and you get to make some photographs. Creating Intimate Portraits is a lot more work, than one can possibly imagine. For most photographers, even when they are skilled artists, they find it difficult to approach or find muses who are willing to work with them. Also, many are unsure of the way to approach muses, find locations, create interesting shoot sets, constant communication to make themselves and muses comfortable One needs to address a bunch of challenges even before the first shot is shot. What if I told you, that all you have to do is show up with your gear, and I will take care of the rest for you? Also, since the participants are just you, we can design this just the way we want, based on whether, you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned photographer. This is not a one size fits all session. It will be tailored, by me, just for you. A true 1-2-1
At the end of this 1-2-1 you shall have learnt to communicate with your model,  create a safe environment to get the most out of a model, find a location for your shoots, put together some ;looks for your shoots, direct your model, understand your gear better, select from your frames, small editing tips, and growing on various social media platform by sharing your work.


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