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My Genre of Work & Interest

As a photographer, I am creating with collaborators in various ways. But no matter, with whom I create, and how I create, the Genre essentially always remains the same, I am only creating work under the Fine Art Portraits, Boudoir, Implied and Nudes Genre. The other genres like Commercial Catalogues etc, do not interest me, So you are kindly requested not to engage me for any genre other than those of my interest. Also, I will not work through of for an agency, or manager. I prefer to interact with my Collaborators directly. It is important for keeping the Privacy element safe. Also all collaborators need to be of a legal adult age for such shoots. 

Here you are the Client. It could be an individual or a couple, wanting to create memories for self, or for loved ones.

I do not use any of these pictures on any of my social/ print etc mediums

Have you ever wanted to get shot for photographs, the way you see on my social profiles and websites?

Is privacy and confidentiality your main area of concern ? 

I am now providing very discreet and confidential intimate photo shoots, meant just for you. 

These pictures are not used/ shared by me in any form on my social platforms or websites etc.

Such well shot, well composed photographs make very good memories and surprise gifts for yourself and your loved one.

I make sure you have fun through this entire journey, even if you have NEVER faced a camera before.

I help you plan, discuss style, groom tips to prepare you for special shoot. 

I then shoot and deliver you some dramatic pictures, just in the style you can see on my web-site and social platforms

(the pictures on the website and social media are of my persona; work, not of my clients)

So basically, NO ONE else gets, to know about you or gets a peek at any of your

Pictures  before, during or after the Shoot.

An  Approximate SPLURGE  for a Signature Ash Shoot

INR @!#+&.00  


How to Pay

1. A Non-refundable Advance equal to 50% of the Fee

Here we first generate a Confidentiality Agreement for your Privacy 

We discuss Styling, Grooming, Ideas over Chat/ Emails 

We confirm the Location Date & Time for the Shoot

i will allow you 2 date changes after the dates are finalised, which need to be within 3 months of original decided dates

2. Balance 50% of the Shoot Fee (to be paid at-least 4 Days before the Shoot Date )

3 Hours of Photography Time on Shoot Day

About 100 very well shot, well composed, (& edited for light and frames) images in my Signature Style

(please note, i will not edit the pictures for skin or body shape,  i feel everyone is beautiful the way they are)

It does not include

location, makeup (if you want one), my travel, edited pictures and my stay outside Mumbai.

If you insist on Edited Pictures, a separate quote for the same shall be provided upon request.

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