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A Photograph

The meaning of a photograph keeps changing over a period of time. May be the priorities and popular reasons change. They could be from documenting, to story telling, to content creation, to selling.

My purpose to make a photograph, is almost purposeless. While now with a sound body of work, that is enjoyed by people from all walks of life, I may use them to convey a message or narrate a story, I feel doing any of that would be a lie. Photography to me happened by accident, and it is just that two things like most fell together unknowingly, photography and my love for shape & form, be it humans or otherwise.

Also I feel a photograph, need not be an answer to any questions, in fact it could be questions that the viewers may ask themselves. Questions could be simple like how was this made, what gear was used, what is the light exploitation, and maybe a bit more complex that what is the purpose of this creation, how do the muses open up so effortlessly, to what the bloody fuck !!!

I feel anything that gets you thinking today is more important than something that just fills up your handhelds or every grey matter space. It is the difference between being a hard disk and a processing unit. What are you ?

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