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The Male Gaze

Given my genre of creation, I run into a lot of interests by people from all walks of life, who are keen to be shot by me, in my style. The words I usually hear about my work are raw, natural but beautiful. While most are very skeptical about posing for a male photographer, I think once they see my work, the urge to be shot by me, surpasses my gender of birth. The reasons for reservations for shooting with a male photographer maybe more than just individual perception, but also based on partners view on this etc.

But the major point of discussion is the consumer of these images / photographs. Many people feel that the male gaze of the followers and viewers is a point of concern, and how do they see it perceive these pictures. While I agree that most of the world has always sexualised and objectified women, and more so in India, due to our misplaced legacy left behind by mughal and british invaders, i also agree that the only way to normalise this to address the elephant in the room. Put out beautiful or not so beautiful work for people to see on a daily basis, so much that it becomes a part of our lives. A shock value is very temporary. People lose the shock after seeing the same thing again and again. It is only after this that they will start enjoying the finer aspects of the imagery being thrown out at them.

But then I also feel, that many do not care much about the gaze, they are simply in-decisive about whether they want to do this or not. And they want the photographers to convince them into shooting. That is something I or no photographer worth his salt would do. We are creators, and our proficiency is in that, and not in convincing or talking people into doing something they are not so sure about.

If you want the photographs for your own private collection, speak to the photographer, I am sure you can commission them to do just that. Do try to eat the cake and have it too. Photographers have strong intuitions too :)

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