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Environmental Photography

Even with still photography there is always a possibility to narrate stories. I realised, that my photography was more about environmental portraits, rather than straight up head-shots, or mid-shots, or beauty shots. I always like to include other elements in the picture, and also I like to keep almost all of them in focus. There is a thought that the subject must always be in focus, and all eyes should be drawn to the subject. and to that effect you have well established rules like rule of thirds or composition, depth of field recommendations to elevate the subject from the rest of the picture.

I kind of disagree with these rules, or maybe i end up breaking them most of the time, because my photographs do not have subjects, in isolation to the whole image. I would want the full picture, along-with all elements, be it lamp-shades, mirrors, tripods, lights to be a part of the story telling picture. The things that i don't want to be a part of the image are not in the image at the shoot stage itself.

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